Posted by Emily Werdal on Oct 3, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Where: The Computer Lab in the classroom hallway
When: Beginning Monday, September 26th and running at least a year or more!

The Spencer Library is beginning a major weeding project which will help to strengthen and focus the library collection so that it might better support the mission of the seminary and the scholarship of the community. By our calculations, almost a quarter of the collection may be withdrawn over the course of the project!

5e783615-4fac-4e3a-9b43-fc026df1433b.jpgIn an attempt to find good homes for all those books that will be removed from the shelves we are pleased to announce a major, ongoing book sale that will be housed in the Computer Lab. A donation of ten cents ($0.10) for each book is suggested and you should pay for books purchased at the Circulation Desk in the Spencer Library.

We will be continuously moving books through the book sale with the general understanding that any book put into the sale will not linger on the shelves more than a month. New books will appear on the shelves and those books not sold in a reasonable amount of time will be sent to the farm to play happily with other books (i.e. they will be recycled). Initially, much of what will appear in the sale will be materials outside the areas of theology and religion; auxiliary sciences of history, social sciences, education, law, etc. Near the end of the project we will turn our attention to the areas of Philosophy, Religion, Theology, and Denominations; no doubt many are already salivating at that prospect.

If you have any questions regarding this project, feel free to contact Dale in the library.