Register Now for United Days: The Power of Story

Posted by Emily Werdal on Apr 11, 2016 11:00:00 AM

United Students (including Class of 2016) attend for only $25!

This year's United Days will explore how biblical and personal storytelling can enrich your life and inspire collective action in our congregations and our world. Stories build empathy-helping us step into another's shoes, illustrate a point, provoke action, entertain us or move us to tears. The Power of Story will immerse us in the environment of story, with contemplative and skill-building workshops, speakers and demonstrations. You will see biblical stories come to life, listen to personal tales of transformation and reflect on your own narrative.

2f2064a0-1b88-412e-8a84-fa8e3aae7e07.jpg On Thursday: You will hear stories from faculty and fellow alums and be invited to explore your own story. Join current and emeriti/ae faculty for lunch and sign up to sit with them.

 On Friday: Storyteller Valerie Tutson will embody biblical stories and invite us into the biblical stories in new ways. Join United alums, friends, students, staff, faculty (both current and emeriti/ae) for meaningful conversations, engaging activities and delicious meals. We look forward to seeing you!

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