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Introducing Social Transformation at United: Videos from Students.  

At United, a key question is what makes an ethical leader. According Steve Newcom, Director of the Social Transformation Program, "there are injustices in the world" and for many of our students "their faith calls them to do something about that." In the following videos students discuss what calls them to study Social Transformation at United.

 Introducing Social Transformation Program at United: 

Claire –"I see the climate crisis as a spiritual crisis"

Claire is an organizer with Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light. After studying in Bhopal, India (the site of the world's largest industrial chemical disaster), she became determined to pursue climate justice, believing "the way treat each other and the way we treat the planet are interconnected."

Kim - "I realized I didn't have the luxury of staying quiet. I had to fight"

Kim is from Sheridan WY and grew up believing, as a bisexual woman, that she had no place in church leadership. This changed after her pastor preached a sermon condemning Matthew Shepard. Called to action, Kim has become an educator and activist for LGBTQ equality. 

Nick - "The Social Transformation Program is helping to prepare me to effectively create spaces where people can feel safe."

United has helped Nick "become the kind of Christian [he] wanted to be." He works at University Lutheran Church of Hope and heads a weekly meeting, Holy Rest, where activists and others can deconstruct their weeks and practice "letting go." 

Learn more about Social Transformation at United here.

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Max Brumberg-Kraus

Max Brumberg-Kraus is originally from Providence, RI., but moved to the midwest when he attended Beloit College, WI as an undergrad. There, he majored in Theatre Performance and Classical Civilizations with a minor in Critical Identity Studies, and was the Artistic Director of Beloit Independent Theatre Experience (BITE). He moved to St. Paul in July 2016, where he continues to pursue his artistic goals as a performer, playwright, and poet. Max is the Digital Content Specialist at United, where he is also pursuing an MA in Theology and the Arts.


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