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Connection, Care, and Conscience: A Multifaith Reflection Guide for the 2020 Election Debates

As people living in the United States, we know that the upcoming Presidential election will shape the substance of this country for years to come. 

With a global pandemic, uncertain economic times, and violence directed against so many of our communities, we know that the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty of this moment can feel overwhelming. We also know that we draw strength from our traditions, from our diverse spiritual practices, from our connections to one another, and from the tender hope that comes from the truth of our interdependence, and from the strength of so many who are working and organizing towards justice. 

With the election looming in the midst of political polarization, it can be tempting to simply stop listening, or to withdraw from participating in the political process altogether. And yet, as people of faith and values, we remain responsible for embodying ethical leadership as we engage with our communities, with the wider public, and with the challenge of civic participation in a time of struggle. 

This guide invites you to engage the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates through the lens of your values and what maters to you. We hope that it will ground you in a sense of reflection, compassion, and open-ness as you consider the impact that you can have in this critical election.

Download Your Debate Guide Here!

Additionally, please join us from 7:00-8:30 pm on Monday, October 5, 2020, for a non-partisan, multifaith conversation on Zoom we are cohosting with Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light; The Center for Sustainable Justice; Kaleo Center for Faith, Justice & Social Transformation. You can Register Here for the event and follow the event page on Facebook

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