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Exploring the Relationship Between Religion and the Arts

By | on 04, Dec 2023 |   Arts Theology theology and the arts theopoetics

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2023 Graduate Stephani Pescitelli and the Power of YES, AND...

By | on 04, Jul 2023 |   Arts Unitarian Universalism VOICES

Stephani Pescitelli, who graduated April 30, 2023 with an MDiv in Theology and the Arts, admits that United wasn’t even on her radar when she first felt called to seminary. She intended to enroll in a[...]

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Art as a Companion on the Spiritual Journey

By | on 23, Nov 2022 |   Arts Faith

By Rev. Dr. Wilson Yates, President Emeritus & Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Religion, Society, and the Arts In these remarks I am concerned with spirituality and the character of the spirit[...]

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Queer Theofuturism: A Community Coloring Book, vol. 2

By | on 25, Jun 2022 |   Arts theology and the arts lgbtq Queer LGBT History Month Pride

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Stations of the Cross

By | on 13, Apr 2022 |   Arts theology and the arts Stations of the Cross

The Stations of the Cross has its origins in the early Christian practice of visiting the sites of Jesus’ passion in Jerusalem. Over the centuries, it has since developed into a kind of mini- or local[...]

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Found Object Theology: How pulp sci-fi book covers can teach us how to write about God

By | on 05, Mar 2022 |   Arts Theology theology and the arts God Progressive Christianity Deconstruction Arts Lunch theopoetics

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