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Preparing seminarians adequately in this rapidly changing, complex society requires new directions and paradigms to respond to the changing nature of community, culture, and religion/spirituality. Seminarians increasingly need a wide variety of creative contextual  experiences to help them discern their call and explore the many options for their gifts, talents and passions. The Dept. of Formation, Vocation and Innovation can provide you with opportunities to do short-term, individualized mini-internships -- an afternoon gathering, a day long experience, or a multi-week volunteer opportunity -- to complement your academic and vocational pursuits and provide professional networking opportunities. 

                               SOME “CREATE YOUR OWN CONTEXT” POSSIBILITIES

If you are seeking to become a chaplain and you did one unit of CPE, and you really enjoyed working with older adults, you might consider co-leading a spirituality group with a professional chaplain at Episcopal Homes in St. Paul one hour a week for 6 weeks.

If you are planning on becoming a church leader but feel the church needs to go outside the walls of building, you might consider riding along with the Shobi’s Food Truck Ministries in East St. Paul one Sunday. 

If you imagine yourself as a chaplain beyond the traditional hospital or hospice settings, you might consider spending a day providing public chaplaincy in a food court, in a courthouse or on the light rail. 

If you want to shadow a spiritual listener in a shelter for people without permanent housing, you might want to join the listeners of City House. They also have all day listening pilgrimages here in the Twin Cities that can open your eyes to new and unusual ministry opportunities.                                            

If you have a context that you would like to explore but have no idea how to access an organization, a movement, a  community…..come and talk about it and we can make it happen.


                                                              Distance Students 

This opportunity is for you as well. Simply make an appointment with Karen to discuss your interests. We will research and contact local organizations in your city/town/hamlet and explore what might fit your interests and needs for a “Create Your Own Context” experience.


                                                                 The Process is Simple

  • Talk with Karen Hutt about an offering listed here or one that you have dreamt about. We will find the resource and set up the opportunity. 
  • Talk with your professors and ask if you might be able to weave some credit for this experience into your course work. 
  • Do a site visit with the organization/mentor to negotiate what you will be involved in, what you hope to learn, and what schedule might suit both parties.. 
  • Follow all protocols and procedures of the site organization (may involve having a TB test in some cases) and begin the exploration.

Rev. Karen Hutt

Karen Hutt is Vice President for Formation, Vocation and Experience at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.

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