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Drag Theopoetics with Max Brumberg-Kraus

On Tuesday March 2, 2021, United alum Max Brumberg-Kraus ('20) presented to the Arts Lunch on their current work with Drag Theopoetics. A “drag theopoetic” is the theopoetic of the professional or amateur crossdresser who performs in front or with an audience. It is experiencing the divine while being in drag. It is the sacred phenomenon of attending a drag show. Drag Theopoetics is camping the gods. It is the production of another gender or a heightened version of one’s own gender as a means to understand God, the cosmos, and one another. Drag Theopoetics is the sacred rite of gesturing, performing, then becoming a self. 

Max Brumberg-Kraus is the co-founder of the House of Larva Drag Co-operative, an artist connector with ARC: Arts Religion Culture, as well as a local Twin Cities poet, playwright, and educator. 


Dr. Jennifer Awes Freeman

Jennifer Awes Freeman is Assistant Professor and Program Director of Theology and the Arts at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.

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