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Exciting News For United Theological Seminary

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities has received an unexpected gift, the chance to carry our spirit and mission to a new home.

Over the past two years, United’s leadership has spent time looking to the future and identified three strategic goals. One of the goals identified was to leverage the physical assets of land and buildings to best meet the needs of current day seminarians and our educational programs.

While pursuing that goal, United was offered the opportunity to sell the current campus, with the exception of the apartments, to Global Academy. The Trustees, along with President Zeidner, approached this decision with prayerful consideration, and have accepted the offer with gratitude and a sense of possibility. It is the mission of United to foster intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth to educate innovative and compassionate leaders. United’s assets, including the property, must serve that mission. This decision allows United to not only uphold but better carry out that mission. At a time when seminary students are increasingly seeking connection, flexibility, and community involvement, this opportunity gives United the ability to be proactive and intentional in providing just that.

Vision for the Future

A new home will allow United to be more accessible to students who take public transportation and offer a better experience to distance learners who connect to courses over the Internet. In a new location, United will be better positioned to support underserved populations and will be near other organizations whose goals are focused on serving a greater good. A newly configured space could also provide smart classrooms and gathering spaces designed around today’s student needs. With these new offerings, United will appeal to a greater number of dynamic, diverse, and socially engaged students. In addition to creating a modern, strategically positioned space, this opportunity will allow the seminary to direct more financial resources to student programs and faculty since the costs to maintain the building and grounds will be reduced.

The area near Highway 280 and University Avenue in St. Paul has been identified as a possible neighborhood for United’s new campus. The transition is tentatively planned to take place at the end of the 2018 calendar year. 

Honoring the Past

United has a history of evolving to meet the changing needs of theology, ministry, and seminary education and its campus has shaped countless individuals who have passed through its doors. In the coming months, United will host gatherings where community members can share their memories of the campus and welcome the spirit of Global Academy.

An invitation to the community gatherings will be shared in the following weeks with more information and details.

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Dr. Lewis P. Zeidner

Dr. Lewis P. Zeidner is the President of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities.

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