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"Winds Of Change:" Poem by Current Student Angelique Russell-Sawyer

The winds of change are here again.
The sound of a soft breeze rustling through the branches of a tree?
Or, is it harsh winds from an oncoming tornado in the distant,
destroying everything in its path?
The soft breeze that brings coolness to the air,
on a hot summer afternoon.
Breeze filled with the smell of freshwater from a nearby pond.
The delight of feeling the air move through your hair,
to watching the leaves move on the fresh cut grass.
Breeze that reminds you of the long summers,
sitting on your grandparents’ front porch,
while sipping ice cold lemonade.
The sound of music filling the air and whispering in your ear,
the delights of God's creation.
A change of newness and hope.
Harshness, chaos, fear coming at you with nothing to stop it.
Darkness, destruction, panic.
The winds that make up the worst nightmares.
Pull the covers over your head to make it go away.
Jump in your parent's bed for protection.
Winds of destruction destroying the work of calloused hands.
The long days and nights on a field destroyed within seconds.
Animals scattered.
The land shredded.
Buildings demolished, flattened like a saucer to the earth.
Families huddled together filled with dismay,
but thanking their Creator that they are still alive.
Searching for hope after the destruction of these winds of change.
Is there hope?
Can such destruction be a change for the good?
What type of wind is in your life, family, community?
Are you experiencing the soft winds of newness, peace,
Or, is there destruction, chaos, panic in your path?
Change: the winds can be destructive at the beginning,
but the soft reassurance of the breeze is shortly behind.


Angelique Russell-Sawyer

Angelique Russell-Sawyer is a current student pursuing an MA in Theology and the Arts.

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