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Move Update 12/18

Offices Painted Windows 2As construction moves along, we'll be sharing more frequent updates so that you can virtually watch our new campus take shape. 

We are excited to announce that chapel construction starts this Wednesday, and that the library shelving move has started  Millwork is completed and ready to ship next week. City inspections are scheduled for 12/19 and 12/27, with donor brick cleaning to take place after 1/2.  We are working with two sign vendors on internal and external signage.

You can see the progress that has been made in the past couple of months.  Here, you can see, week by week, the classrooms going from steel frames to walls, as well as the construction of the main ramp.   

Hallway 2\Hallway 3

Hallway 4


Here, you can see a side view of the ramp which will lead into the classrooms, study areas, library, chapel, and Intersection.  Hallway RAMP

We have also begun painting the corridor with staff and faculty offices.

Offices Painted 2

And we are fitting them with frames for glass windows.

Offices Painted with Windows

It has been exciting to see more and more color in the space, and we cannot wait to share with you more as building continues.  We are right on schedule to open our new campus on January 22, 2019. 

We'll share our new address in every blog post so that no one will miss it: 767 Eustis St., Suite 140, St. Paul, MN 55114. Until our move in January, please use our New Brighton address.

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