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Shelter: A Viewing and Discussion with Leigh Finke



In this arts lunch on June 29, 2021, local filmmaker Leigh Finke shared a short experimental film she created, which captures her experience of a month-long depressive episode that occurred during the pandemic. The viewing was followed by a discussion of the film itself, representations of queer and trans pain and joy, and general Q & A. (Stay tuned for a link to her film!)

Leigh Finke is a writer, producer, and editor from St. Paul, Minnesota, and is also the creator of Totally Gay Productions  Her work focuses on religion and culture and how both intersect with the lives of queer people. Her books include Queerfully and Wonderfully Made: A Guide for LGBTQ+ Christian Teens and Welcoming and Affirming: A Guide to Supporting and Working with LGBTQ+ Christian YouthHer films include White Savior: Racism in the American Church and Ending the Silence: Confronting Sexual Shame in the Church.


Dr. Jennifer Awes-Freeman

Jennifer Awes Freeman is assistant professor of arts and theology at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. Before coming to United, she was a visiting assistant professor at the University of St Thomas for 2016-2018 as a postdoctoral fellow at the Louisville Institute. She recently completed her doctoral work at Vanderbilt University. Her dissertation, “Erasing God: Carolingians, Controversy, and the Ashburnham Pentateuch,” is a study of Trinitarian doctrine and images during the transition from Late Antiquity to the early Middle Ages. During the summer of 2016, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame, for which she began a translation of Hrabanus Maurus’ In honorem sanctae crucis. Her research interests include images of divinity, iconoclasm, material culture, gender studies, the mutual influence of art and theology, and book culture in the digital humanities.

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