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The Good Shepherd: Image, Meaning, and Power with Dr. Jennifer Awes Freeman

By | on 21, Sep 2021 |   Arts Theology united faculty theology and the arts Academics Church History Medieval Research Faculty Arts Lunch

On Tuesday September 21, 2021, United professor Jennifer Awes Freeman shared an overview of her new book, The Good Shepherd: Image, Meaning, and Power, with the Arts Lunch. The book traces the motif o[...]

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A Letter to My Christian Family Everywhere: From Alum Yolanda Y. Williams

By | on 01, Jun 2020 |   social justice Theology Alums ministry racism Voice Church Church History Jesus anti-racism

Dear Christians,

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How Studying Medieval Women Mystics Makes Better Faith Leaders

By | on 28, May 2019 |   leadership Courses Vocation Church History Medieval Women

United offers a variety of courses, including introductory courses, such as Intro to Theology, and practical courses, such as Preaching. But how do some of the more esoteric-sounding courses prepare s[...]

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Response to the Fire at Notre Dame from Professor, and Resident Medievalist, Dr. Jennifer Awes-Freeman

By | on 16, Apr 2019 |   news united faculty interfaith Voice Church History

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