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Finding Light out of the Darkness of Trauma through Community

By | on 06, Jun 2023 |   Religion Community Relationships Baha'i Healing

The American Psychological Association defines trauma simply as “an emotional response to a terrible event.” Broken down further, trauma can be acute (from a single horrific event that threatens one’s[...]

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The JoJos: Building a Life of Faith and Connection

By | on 05, May 2022 |   Discernment Women Healing

The JoJos from left to right: Karen Larson (’12), LuAnn Sulimann (’11), Zoe Kuester (’11), Ruth C. MacKenzie (’11) and Jackie Falk (’12)

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A Different Kind of Theology: Fiction, Imagination, and New Realities with Bryan Bliss

By | on 13, Oct 2021 |   Arts writing theology and the arts Book Gun Violence Arts Lunch Healing fiction

On Tuesday, October, 12th, 2021, novelist and current UTS student, Bryan Bliss spoke to the Arts Lunch about fiction and its power to heal and transform.

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Resources and Actions Amidst the Chauvin Trial and the Death of Daunte Wright.

By | on 19, Apr 2021 |   ministry Voice Community Community Relationships resources black lives matter Healing

As a seminary located in the Twin Cities, our communities have been anticipating the verdict in the Derek Chauvin Trial. Meanwhile, we are also mourning and responding to the killing of Daunte Wright [...]

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