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United at the Parliament of the World's Religions: Making Interreligious Chaplaincy Education Meaningfully Inclusive.

By | on 15, Nov 2018 |   Conference interreligious chaplaincy Voice Theology students united faculty Pluralism

Early this November, Dr. Pamela Ayo Yetunde (Director of Interreligious Chaplaincy and Assistant Professor of Pastoral and Spiritual Care and Counseling), Jessi LeClear Vachta (Associate Director of A[...]

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"Is this Naomi?" Reading into the Book of Ruth on Shavuot

By | on 25, May 2018 |   Bible Voice Judaism interreligious chaplaincy social justice

On Shavuot, an annual two day holiday which just ended this last Monday, Jews across the world study the Book of Ruth. A prominent theme of the story is chesed or loving-kindness. Ruth’s devotion to N[...]

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Consultations from India to Minneapolis: a United Student's Reflections.

By | on 04, May 2018 |   Voice interreligious chaplaincy social transformation Activism justice

In winter 2018, I took a trip to India with a group of students from the seminary, visiting sacred sites of 7 religions – Baha’i, Buddhist, Muslim, Jain, Sikh, Christian and Hindu. The trip was called[...]

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Interreligious Chaplaincy: Who are you, really? And what do you do?

By | on 27, Apr 2018 |   Voice interreligious chaplaincy united faculty Theology

  (Nun and Chaplain walking and talking)

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When Storytelling Holds the World: Passover Reflections on Maggid.

By | on 09, Apr 2018 |   Bible Voice ministry interreligious chaplaincy interfaith Theology theology and the arts

A little over a week ago, I led a small seder on the second night of Pesach (Passover). The second seder can be hard to lead because the specialness and holiness of the first often turns into redundan[...]

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What is a Military Chaplain?  

By | on 15, Mar 2018 |   Chaplaincy interreligious chaplaincy military pastoral care

In Fall 2018, U.S Army Chaplain Imam Khallid Shabazz, the Army's first division-level Muslim chaplain, will teach an online course called "Chaplaincy for Military" at United. Below, Dr. Shabazz explai[...]

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