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What Is Progressive Theology? United’s President, a Faculty Member, and an Alum Explore Answers

By | on 15, Nov 2023 |   Faith Progressive Christianity Public Theology

On November 4, 2023, President Molly T. Marshall, a Christian theologian, and Dr. Demian Wheeler, United’s associate professor of philosophical theology and religious studies, traveled to Sioux Falls,[...]

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Found Object Theology: How pulp sci-fi book covers can teach us how to write about God

By | on 05, Mar 2022 |   Arts Theology theology and the arts God Progressive Christianity Deconstruction Arts Lunch theopoetics

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The Boy Who Found Gold: A Conversation with Father Bill McNichols

By | on 05, Nov 2021 |   Arts theology and the arts lgbtq Catholicism Progressive Christianity Open and Affirming Painting

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Building Interreligious Bonds: United Partners with The Islamic Seminary of America

By | on 21, Aug 2020 |   Campus News Theology Islamophobia Progressive Christianity Islam

On August 6, 2020 United announced a partnership with The Islamic Seminary of America (TISA) to develop a degree in Interreligious Chaplaincy with a focus on Islam. This fully accredited MDiv degree c[...]

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Why Now is the Time for the Religious Left to Pursue Faith Leadership Positions

By | on 16, May 2019 |   social justice ministry social transformation Voice Vocation Discernment New Students Progressive Christianity

Who gets to claim religious values? In recent debates about Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigeig, Franklin Graham ridiculed the religious left: “Using new terms like ‘Progressive Christianit[...]

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