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What Is Progressive Theology? United’s President, a Faculty Member, and an Alum Explore Answers

On November 4, 2023, President Molly T. Marshall, a Christian theologian, and Dr. Demian Wheeler, United’s associate professor of philosophical theology and religious studies, traveled to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. At Spirit of Peace UCC in Sioux Falls, they joined Rev. Charles Owens, a 2013 alum and the church’s senior pastor, to unpack the question: What Is Progressive Theology? The panel was moderated by District 10 Representative Kameron Nelson, South Dakota's only openly gay state representative. 

Speaking after the event, President Marshall reflected:

Discussing progressive theology with thoughtful colleagues was an exhilarating experience. As each panel member spoke in accessible ways about the urgent need for this kind of theological thinking, those in attendance welcomed approaches that are timely, liberative, and cognizant of the religious pluralism in which we live. Our moderator Kameron Nelson, serving in the house of representatives in South Dakota, pushed us to consider how our theological views serve the common good, moving from the theoretical to the practical. About half of the audience was not from the church, which pleased our host pastor Rev. Charles Owens.

Watch the enlightening video of the event below!


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