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WITCHES! or, Feminist & Womanist Rituals of Ancestry & Magical Connection with Olivia Kamil Smarr

Every Tuesday, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities's Arts Program hosts "Arts Lunch," an opportunity for United community members to come together for a variety of workshops, presentations, and conversations at the intersection of Theology and the Arts.   On Tuesday 2/16/21, guest artist and Emerging Leader Fellow with Arts Religion Culture, Olivia Kamil Smarr, presented on WITCHES! or, Feminist & Womanist Rituals of Ancestry & Magical Connection. In this video Smarr  facilitates a discussion around Black witches in pop culture, the methods through which they access supernatural power, and how those methods mirror our own rituals and spiritual practices. You can watch the presentation here!

Olivia Kamil Smarr (she/her) is a Black queer womanist mystic, public theologian, and movement artist. She explores, challenges, and creates innovative ways of spiritual engagement in this unique societal moment, conjuring revolution, power, magic, and passion through movement and theology. Olivia’s work views the body itself as divine and holy, embracing the connection of sensuality and spirituality. Olivia centers those with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and survivors of trauma, including religious trauma, in her work. She has an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and is currently enrolled in a Master’s program at Chicago Theological Seminary, exploring the intersections between mysticism and Womanist theology.


If you are interested in attending or even presenting at our weekly Arts Lunches, please reach out to Dr. Jennifer Awes-Freeman, program director for Arts and Theology at





Max Brumberg-Kraus

Max Brumberg-Kraus is a 2020 alum of United, with an MA in Theology and the Arts. Max also works in marketing at United as a Digital Content Specialist. Max is a performing artist and writer in Saint Paul, MN, and a proud member of the queer artist scene.

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