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Do You Want to Be a Professor of Religion or Theology?

By | on 03, May 2019 |   Theology Vocation Religion

At United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, one option of study is the concentration in Religion and Theology, available both for the MA and MDiv degrees. An MDiv can prepare students to become[...]

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Why You Should Consider a Christian Seminary -- Even If You’re Not a Christian

By | on 26, Apr 2019 |   Theology interfaith social transformation Voice Vocation

As a queer, Jewish artist, when I told my friends and family that I would studying at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, many were confused. “So like, are you becoming a priest?” some wou[...]

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Response to the Fire at Notre Dame from Professor, and Resident Medievalist, Dr. Jennifer Awes-Freeman

By | on 16, Apr 2019 |   news united faculty interfaith Voice Church History


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Healing the World, Remembering Joy: An Interview with Andrea Sorum

By | on 12, Apr 2019 |   Arts social transformation Voice Poetry New Students

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How Do You Decide If You're Ready for Seminary?

By | on 06, Apr 2019 |   Discernment

Sometimes it's easy to know when it's time to take a new step in life, such as attending seminary. Maybe you're a college student who always knew you'd go straight to grad school after getting your ba[...]

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The Arts are in United's DNA: An Interview with Jennifer Awes Freeman

By | on 20, Mar 2019 |   united faculty theology and the arts Academics

Photo of Jennifer Awes Freeman by Angela Jimenez Photography Last summer this blog introduced you to Jennifer Awes Freeman, the new assistant professor of Theology and the Arts at United. More recentl[...]

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