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Stations of the Cross 2021: Online Exhibit

By | on 25, Mar 2021 |   Arts Easter Voice Liturgy

The Stations of the Cross is a Catholic devotion that commemorates fourteen images or stations from the last day of Jesus’ life. Participants meditate on each station and may recite specific prayers. [...]

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Days of Counting

By | on 05, Jun 2017 |   Arts Faith practice spiritual practice Easter interfaith

Miss Kitka scans the living room. She lifts her head and dampens the edges of the coach with her nose. She hesitates. There are so many hands at her eye level! Caught in a sort of trance, the entirety[...]

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By | on 16, May 2017 |   Theology justice Faith practice spiritual practice guest posts ministry Easter


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Reflecting on Theatre, Rhythm, and Worship during Holy Week

By | on 02, May 2017 |   Arts Faith music spiritual practice Easter theatre

“The stage is a place where the invisible can appear”

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Easter Greetings and the Love of the Resurrection Story

By | on 16, Apr 2017 |   Faith ministry Easter theological education leadership

During our church service this morning the choir had just finished the Anthem; with trumpet and organ celebrating at full volume, when a young child in the rear of the sanctuary expressed total joy wi[...]

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