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Move Update 01/08/19

As construction moves along, we'll be sharing more frequent updates so that you can virtually watch our new campus take shape. 

nice doors nice walls

With less than two weeks left of construction, we have some exciting updates, along with some photos from a few days ago.

The server room is being powered today, and we can start testing all technology within the space! Along with that, the furniture that we ordered is being delivered tomorrow.

          bubblers   noice

The library stacks are almost complete, and the books are being moved over the next couple of days.


The appliances have been delivered.

And the archive room is complete!

archives oh yeah
Lastly, we are planning a ribbon cutting ceremony which will be announced as soon as possible on our Facebook page and next week on this blog.

Spiffy front door


We'll share our new address in every blog post so that no one will miss it: 767 Eustis St., Suite 140, St. Paul, MN 55114. Until our move in January, please use our New Brighton address.

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