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Spirited Communities: "Our studies inspire our artworks"

The Jewish Women Artists’ Circle brings women artists together, not around a common art form, but the commonality of their faith. Studying regularly with religious leaders is an important part of their gatherings and that influence becomes part of the creativity of their art work. Spirited Community, the group’s latest collaborative exhibition, is open for viewing in United’s Classroom Wing Gallery. The dynamic synergy of these artists works beautifully into the formation of this exhibition. Their art forms are diverse as is the individual interpretation of the theme of community. I had a short interview with Lucy Rose Fischer about the group and their process. 

How did the idea of inviting Christian artists come about to collaborate on this body of work?

“The Jewish Women Artists' Circle had been together for 10 years when we invited Christian artists to participate in the "Community" project.  We had actually talked for a long time about doing an interfaith project. Then the opportunity came up to do an exhibit at the Benedictine Monastery and they suggested the "community" theme. It seemed like the right time to invite Christian artists.”

How does the study with various spiritual leaders work?  Is it individual or as a group?

“We invite scholars to come to our meeting and talk with us as a group.  Our learning lessons include a lot of open discussion.”

How does this study process impact your creative process?

“Our studies inspire our artworks.  It's hard to explain how -- it's very individual maybe it's a phrase or a concept... ”

How does making art in community happen for your group? 

“We create our pieces on our own and then bring them to the group to show and sometimes for help.  With one exception - the tablecloth, Aimee's project, was a community project.  She designed the tablecloth and gave each of us a "placement" to paint.  Many of us worked together on the placements, in Aimee's studio at the school where she teaches.”


Once you’ve seen these stunning works, you’ll want to come back to experience them again.  As Wilson Yates teaches, you’ll want to have time to have a ‘dialog’ with the art. To hear Lucy Rose and two of the artists talk about their work and process, REGISTER to join us February 1 for a chapel gathering and artist conversation at lunch. (Lunch is available for purchase or bring your own).

Register Here 


Sheryl Schwyhart

Sheryl is a current student pursuing an MAL in Theology and the Arts.

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