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Connection, Care, and Conscience: A Multifaith Reflection Guide for the 2020 Election Debates

By | on 29, Sep 2020 |   news Events Voice president Interreligious Publice Theology Multifaith

As people living in the United States, we know that the upcoming Presidential election will shape the substance of this country for years to come. 

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Interview with Dr. Awes-Freeman on Upcoming Screening of Ending the Silence.

By | on 23, Sep 2019 |   Arts Events social transformation Voice lgbtq Church Dialogue Transgender Rights Religion Marginalization Women

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Submit Your Blessings for United Open House & Service of Blessings

By | on 22, Feb 2019 |   Campus News Events Blessing


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"Black theology challenges United to make racism its issue": An Interview with Dr. Demian Wheeler.

By | on 27, Sep 2018 |   Campus News Theology Events Black Liberation Theology Lecture

n Dr. Demian Wheeler with Dr. James Cone

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"Something Beautiful and Delicious:" Discussing Culture, Imagination, and United Power Day with Rev. Karen Hutt.

By | on 23, Aug 2018 |   Events Voice Move Culture Community Orientation


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Theology of Prince at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

By | on 13, Apr 2018 |   Events theology and the arts Theology of Prince Gallery

This Monday April 16 through Wednesday April 18, the University of Minnesota is hosting a symposium "Prince from Minneapolis", and on that Wednesday from 1:45pm to 3:00pm, United Theological Seminary [...]

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